Sinclair Method UK Consultation and Support

Break the Chains of Alcohol Dependence

Sinclair Method UK provide a consultation and prescribing service, including a home alcohol detox if required, for The Sinclair Method (TSM).

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a treatment for alcohol misuse, which uses the NHS-approved and non-addictive medications Naltrexone or Nalmefene (Selincro).  These medications can help you gradually decrease your alcohol consumption – right down to abstinence, if you wish. If Naltrexone or Nalmefene are not suitable, or tolerated, our doctors have other medical management options they can discuss with you.

In addition to being the most established provider of The Sinclair Method (TSM) in the UK, we are also proud to be the most affordable provider, too.  Find the same elsewhere and we will price match.  Our high service standards are evidenced by our Trustpilot rating of Excellent.

Services are available worldwide, both for guidance and prescribing.  So, visit our International page for more information if you live outside the UK.

Sinclair Method UK provide one-to-one guidance and support whenever, and wherever, you need it.
Change your relationship with alcohol today.
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